Three-quarters of finance executives expect generative AI to replace them

Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is expected to take over the jobs of three-quarters of current financial services executives, according to a survey. Following a survey of around 500 executives at major banks and insurance companies, FintechOS’s Generative artificial intelligence: the technology polarising the financial services industry report revealed that 73% of executives believe GenAI will “eventually”…

Visa launches artificial intelligence advisory service

Visa  is offering its customers artificial intelligence (AI) advisory services following the launch of an operation dedicated to the technology. As part of Visa Consulting and Analytics, the payments giant’s AI Advisory Practice will harness the skills and experience of 1000 experts across the world to provide customers with help to use AI to grow…

Finland shows off its new 20-qubit quantum computer

VTT recently announced completion of Finland’s second quantum computer, which uses 20 superconducting qubits. The work, accomplished in partnership with IQM Quantum Computers, is another step on the roadmap to build a 50-qubit machine by the end of 2024.   The government set out with that end goal in November 2020, when it launched a project…

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