This Microsoft 365 Family Amazon trick is one of my favorite Black Friday deals

I might be a longtime Mac user, but I still run Microsoft software on my devices. I’m a Microsoft 365 Family subscriber because I never cared enough to get better acquainted with the Office productivity alternatives from Google or Apple. But the word “family” is really the key here. Microsoft 365 Family lets me share…

IT Sustainability Think Tank: Tracking the green IT hiring trends in 2023

Awareness and acceptance of IT sustainability issues have been steadily growing within the enterprise over the past year. Meanwhile, the skyrocketing accusations and evidence of greenwashing have served a positive purpose, in that they reveal both a strong interest in creating a sustainable brand and perception on behalf of corporations, and a significant lack of…

Netgear Unveils Orbi 970 Wi-Fi 7 Quad-Band Mesh System

Wi-Fi has seen rapid advancements over the last decade, starting with the introduction of 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5). 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) came with significant improvements in total throughput. The Wi-Fi 6E standard brought 6 GHz operation (where allowed) to consumers. A few years back, Wi-Fi 7 silicon was announced with multi-gigabit throughput and significant latency improvements.…

Asus Quietly Begins to Sell Cheap ROG Ally Console with Non-Extreme CPU

With a plethora of news coming from Intel early this week, it went almost unnoticed that Asus has begun to sell an inexpensive version of its ROG Ally portable game console. Unlike the original one, this unit carries AMD’s Ryzen Z1 non-extreme accelerated processing unit that offers tangibly lower performance, which makes the gaming systems considerably…

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