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AMD Begins Polaris and Vega GPU Retirement Process, Reduces Ongoing Driver Support

As AMD is now well into their third generation of RDNA architecture GPUs, the sun has been slowly setting on AMD’s remaining Graphics Core Next (GCN) designs, better known by the architecture names of Polaris and Vega. In recent weeks the company dropped support for those GPU architectures in their open source Vulkan Linux driver,…

Kaspersky opens up over spyware campaign targeting its staffers

Kaspersky has shared more details of a novel iOS spyware that it discovered earlier this year when its own devices came under attack in a campaign dubbed Operation Triangulation. Dozens of Kaspersky employees are understood to have been affected by the advanced persistent threat (APT) campaign, which employed a “sophisticated method” of distributing zero-click exploits…

Research team tricks AI chatbots into writing usable malicious code

Researchers at the University of Sheffield said they have successfully fooled a number of natural language processing (NLP) generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) tools – including ChatGPT – into producing effective code that can be used to launch real-world cyber attacks. The potential for tools like ChatGPT to be exploited and tricked into writing malicious code…

Ransomware dwell times now measured in hours, says Secureworks

The cyber security industry has done so well at detecting suspicious activity that may be a precursor to a ransomware attack, that when cyber criminals succeed in breaking into a victim’s network, they are deploying and executing their lockers quicker than ever before, according to data contained in Secureworks’ annual State of the Threat report.…

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