Galaxy S24 Ultra leaked photos show Samsung’s big redesign

According to most reports out there, Samsung will launch the Galaxy S24 series in mid-January. Moving up the next-gen Galaxy S’s release is one way for Samsung to potentially improve its financial results. Profits from the mobile division continue to make up for lower chip sales.Samsung also needs an earlier Galaxy S24 launch to better…

Intel Shows Off Work on Next-Gen Glass Core Substrates, Plans Deployment Later in Decade

Although Intel’s annual Innovation event doesn’t kick off until tomorrow, the company is already publishing some announcements ahead of the show – and it’s not the trivial stuff, either. This morning the company is showing off their initial work on developing a glass core substrate and associated packaging process for their chips. As a result…

Meta really doesn’t want you to buy its ad-free subscription for Facebook and Instagram

Meta’s ad-free subscription is rolling out for Facebook and Instagram, but that doesn’t mean the company wants you to buy it. Tech. Entertainment. Science. Your inbox. Sign up for the most interesting tech & entertainment news out there. By signing up, I agree to the Terms of Use and have reviewed the Privacy Notice. Facebook…

AI like ChatGPT can guess secrets that you never share, study shows

I’m not as worried about the impending AI apocalypse some experts warn about as I am about privacy protections in AI services like ChatGPT and its competitors. I hate the idea of tech giants or third parties possibly abusing large language models (LLM) to collect even more data about users. Tech. Entertainment. Science. Your inbox.…

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