Ex-Google Maps designer hates the new design, and it’s not just the colors

Google released a big Google Maps upgrade a few weeks ago, including a significant redesign and new AI features. The new Google Maps color palette is now similar to Apple Maps, which is one widespread criticism from users. It’s not necessarily bad, but I can see how longtime Google Maps users will have difficulty adjusting…

Galaxy S24 Ultra leaked photos show Samsung’s big redesign

According to most reports out there, Samsung will launch the Galaxy S24 series in mid-January. Moving up the next-gen Galaxy S’s release is one way for Samsung to potentially improve its financial results. Profits from the mobile division continue to make up for lower chip sales.Samsung also needs an earlier Galaxy S24 launch to better…

This Microsoft 365 Family Amazon trick is one of my favorite Black Friday deals

I might be a longtime Mac user, but I still run Microsoft software on my devices. I’m a Microsoft 365 Family subscriber because I never cared enough to get better acquainted with the Office productivity alternatives from Google or Apple. But the word “family” is really the key here. Microsoft 365 Family lets me share…

Apple M3 Max: everything we know

The Apple M3 Max chip is here after a surprise announcement at the Apple Scary Fast event, and it looks to be one of the most exciting chips Apple’s ever produced. The new M3 Max chip came as a surprise during the late October event, especially since most of the rumors around the new Apple M3…

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