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The Best Raspberry Pi Cases

Though you can run a Raspberry Pi effectively without one, many want a case that can protect the single-board computer while offering an attractive design, built-in cooling or even special features. The amount of Raspberry Pi cases available is almost as numerous as decimal places in the number Pi, but choosing the right one for…

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Best Raspberry Pi Pico Accessories and Add-Ons 2021

When the Raspberry Pi Pico arrived in late January 2021, few realised just how popular the $4 microcontroller would become. In a move which disrupted the status quo, Raspberry Pi released its own microcontroller, the RP2040 and partnered with Arduino, Adafruit, Pimoroni and SparkFun to release many different boards based around this chip. Just like…

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Best Computer Monitors 2021 | Tom’s Hardware

With working from home becoming a permanent staple for many, finding the best computer monitor is more important than ever. Meanwhile, many PC components are still suffering depressing shortages, making a screen upgrade one of the easiest and most impactful changes you can make to your gaming rig right now too.  Below, we list the…

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Konftel Cam 10 Review: Consistent but Pricey

Today’s best Konftel Cam10 deals The Konftel Cam 10 is a new monitor mounted webcam from Konftel, a company that typically specializes in business level conference equipment like room microphones and desk-mounted cameras with high fields of view. While the Cam 10 is still positioned as a business webcam, it’s clear that the goal here…