The Intel Innovation 2023 Keynote Live Blog (8:30am PT, 15:30 UTC)

Kicking off this morning is Intel’s annual technology conference, Innovation. The second year of the revived show once again has Intel’s CEO Pat Gelsinger leading things off, with what’s scheduled to be a 90 minute keynote. Intel has four major themes for this year’s show: Accelerating the AI Era Transformative Innovation for the Future of…

Solidigm Introduces D7-P5810: 144L SLC NVMe Drive for Write-Intensive Workloads

Solidigm’s datacenter SSD offerings have been clearly delineated into different categories – the D3- SATA offerings for legacy servers, the D5- QLC-based offerings (with different models offering different tradeoffs between cost and endurance), and the D7- NVMe drives for the best performance and endurance ratings. The company has been using TLC NAND in the D7…

Will computational storage meet data processing demands?

Data storage and data processing have always been separate functions, but what if they could be unified and achieve much better performance? That’s the promise of computational storage. Although media have changed and capacity has grown, the core functionality of data storage has remained unchanged for decades. The magnetic disk drives and tapes of the…

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