IT Sustainability Think Tank: Tracking the green IT hiring trends in 2023

Awareness and acceptance of IT sustainability issues have been steadily growing within the enterprise over the past year. Meanwhile, the skyrocketing accusations and evidence of greenwashing have served a positive purpose, in that they reveal both a strong interest in creating a sustainable brand and perception on behalf of corporations, and a significant lack of…

Figma’s FigJam adds powerful AI features at no additional cost

First introduced in 2021, Figma‘s FigJam is getting the most important feature it could add in 2023: Artificial Intelligence capabilities. Starting today, the company is making this open beta available for customers in all tiers for free. Tech. Entertainment. Science. Your inbox. Sign up for the most interesting tech & entertainment news out there. By…

The Disney Plus password crackdown has begun, but no one knows how it works

After announcing and testing features meant to stop password sharing, Netflix implemented account changes to prevent the phenomenon it had previously encouraged. Netflix tracks account access and issues verification prompts when an account is used outside what it believes to be the authorized household. The password-sharing ban worked, leading to Netflix subscriber growth — in the…

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