Delays with European Approval of Nvidia-Arm Deal Could Break It

Nvidia-Arm Acquisition Deal May Slip Beyond Expected Timeframe, Says Nvidia CEO

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang in an interview with The Financial Times admitted to expected delays to the Nvidia-Arm acquisition deal – the result of regulatory scrutiny over the $40 billion (cash and stock) merger. “Our discussions with regulators are taking longer than initially thought, so it’s pushing out the timetable,” Huang told The Financial Times. “It’s not…

Intel Arc 'Alchemist' Discrete GPUs To Support DisplayPort 2.0: Up to 16K Displays

Intel Arc ‘Alchemist’ Discrete GPUs To Support DisplayPort 2.0: Up to 16K Displays

Just days after formally announcing the Arc brand for its discrete gaming graphics processors and the name of the first generation Xe-HPG (DG2) products, Intel has begun to reveal some essential technical details about these GPUs. As it turns out, the new graphics chips will support DisplayPort 2.0 and ultra-high-resolution displays with deep colors.   This week Intel published a…

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Wafer-Scale Heterogeneous Chips May Pave the Way Beyond Moore’s Law

The journey of Moore’s Law is a technologically complex and expensive one, worth billions of dollars in research and development – just ask semiconductor manufacturers. The much-referred-to “soft” law coined by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore stated that the number of transistors in a densely-packed semiconductor should double every two years. The death of Moore’s Law…