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Intel Lists Xeon W-1300 CPUs: Rocket Lake for Workstations

Intel has quietly added its Xeon W-1300 series Rocket Lake processors for entry-level workstations to its database, which essentially means they’ve had a somewhat silent introduction, at least to businesses. Unlike desktop counterparts, the new Xeon W CPUs support ECC memory and come with Xe-LP graphics featuring drivers certified for professional applications.  The new Xeon…

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Best Mining GPUs Benchmarked and Ranked

What are the best mining GPUs, and is it worth getting into the whole cryptocurrency craze? Bitcoin and Ethereum mining are making headlines again, and prices and mining profitability are way up compared to the last couple of years. Everyone who didn’t start mining last time is kicking themselves for their lack of foresight. Not…

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Raspberry Pi SDR Tracks Airplanes in Real-Time

There’s definitely something intriguing about accessing public data—from citizen band radio to tracking the ISS, the Raspberry Pi has proven to be a capable choice for tinkerers with a hunger for information. But for those with an interest in local aerospace activity, you’ll need a Raspberry Pi aircraft monitoring rig like maker Dr2mod has created!…