Apple M3 Max: everything we know

The Apple M3 Max chip is here after a surprise announcement at the Apple Scary Fast event, and it looks to be one of the most exciting chips Apple’s ever produced. The new M3 Max chip came as a surprise during the late October event, especially since most of the rumors around the new Apple M3…

Apple M3 Max CPU flexes muscles and embarrasses M2 Ultra in battle of the benchmarks

Apple’s new M3 chips have been the talk of silicon town (population: a whole lot of chips) since they were revealed in refreshed MacBooks (and a new iMac 2023), and now we’ve got some fresh benchmark scores for the SoCs – this time for the M3 Max, excitingly.We’ve already seen Geekbench results for the vanilla…

How to avoid Android iPhone 15 clones and buy the real thing

It’s Black Friday season, and you’re undoubtedly hunting for great deals on some of the most coveted gadgets out there. If the iPhone 15 is on your list, you probably know Apple isn’t the way to go. Look for sales from carriers and electronics retailers instead. The second-hand market is an option for cheaper iPhone…

Apple M3 Ultra CPU might blow away M3 Max – but we won’t find out for a long time yet

Apple’s M3 Ultra chip could be quite some way off even though the company launched a clutch of fresh silicon right out of the gate this time around.This is according to Mark Gurman, who drops some info on the future Apple SoC in his newsletter for Bloomberg (as noticed by 9to5Mac).As you likely saw, Apple…

I like ChatGPT even more after OpenAI’s developer conference

I’ve been following ChatGPT closely for the better part of a year because it’s the nature of my job. Generative AI is a massive tech innovation, and OpenAI has single-handedly changed the tech landscape this year. ChatGPT is all we’ve been talking about in 2023, and the biggest names in tech have had to react…

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