Intel Readies 'Muscle' Alder Lake-HX: 16-Core CPUs for Laptops

Raptor Lake iGP Loses to Intel’s Older UHD 770 Graphics in Benchmark

A new Raptor Lake graphics benchmark has appeared on SiSoftware’s benchmark browser, showcasing an unknown Raptor Lake-S mobile CPU rocking 32 cores and 13GB of DDR5 memory, paired with an integrated graphics engine featuring 256 streaming processors clocked at 1.2GHz.  Surprisingly, the benchmark results show less-than-impressive performance from the modern iGP. Intel’s much older HD…


Is the human brain a biological computer?

March 14–20, 2022 is Brain Awareness Week—an annual global campaign to generate public support for brain science. Brain Awareness Week was founded by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives (DABI) and the European Dana Alliance for the Brain (EDAB). The goal of this initiative is to foster enthusiasm among people about solving the many mysteries…