Mac Studio Dissected: M1 Ultra About 3x Bigger Than AMD's Ryzen CPUs

Mac Studio Dissected: M1 Ultra About 3x Bigger Than AMD’s Ryzen CPUs

The Mac Studio features a minimalistic design that looks pretty humble compared to modern workstations like other Apple devices. But what these design hides are Apple’s massive M1 Ultra processor package that occupies around one-fourth of the motherboard, a very complex voltage regulating module (VRM), and two user-accessible SSDs. Now that Apple is shipping Mac Studio systems…

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Nvidia Hints To Hopper GPU Launch Next Week

Being a company that certainly knows how to attract attention to itself and its products, Nvidia issued a blog post that unambiguously hints at its plan to introduce its next-generation compute GPU architecture codenamed Hopper. The company’s blog post is titled ‘Hopped Up,’ and it announces Jensen Huang’s keynote at the GTC conference that will…


How To Write Bash Scripts in Linux

Operating systems generally come with some form of scripting language which admins and power users can use to create custom tools. Unix and Linux are no different and come with many different options. The glue which holds many Linux projects together is made from Bash scripts. These simple to create, yet fiendishly powerful scripts can…