Chinese CPU and GPU Maker Loongson Plans to Raise $544 Million

Loongson Rips MIPS: Uses Old Code for New CPUs

Even though Loongson claims that its latest 3A5000 and 3C5000 processors are based on its in-house developed proprietary architecture and no longer rely on the MIPS architecture, the code the company uses to enable the new CPUs in Linux is actually the same code it used for its MIPS-based chips. Furthermore, the CPU developer fails to demonstrate advantages of…

TSMC to Start Risk Production Using 4nm Node in Q3

TSMC Hikes Price of Chip Production: CPU & GPU Costs Set to Rise

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. has reportedly notified its customers about substantial incoming chip production price hikes. The world’s largest maker of semiconductors will increase prices for virtually all advanced and popular process technologies in a bid to improve its gross margins. Meanwhile, augmented quotes will make costs of products like CPUs, GPUs, SoCs, and controllers…