Samsung Foundry Tapes Out First 3nm Test Chip

Samsung 3nm Chip Mass Production On Track To Start in Q2

Samsung on Thursday said that it is on track to start high-volume production using its 3GAE (3 nm-class gate all-around early) fabrication process this quarter (i.e., in the coming weeks). The announcement not only marks the industry’s first 3nm-class manufacturing technology, but also the first node to use gate-all-around field effect transistors (GAAFETs). “Enhance technology leadership via…

Game controller and pc rgb case on a wooden desk with green and purple lights

The Best PC Cases for Airflow

When building or upgrading a PC, many people overlook the importance of picking a great PC case based on its airflow and cooling abilities, with many opting for a more stylish case over one that might run lower temperatures. Building with a computer case that offers poor cooling can not only be detrimental to the…