CPU-Z Adds Support for AMD Rembrandt and Raphael, Intel Raptor Lake and Arc

AMD Phoenix APU Uncovered: Zen 4 Meets RDNA 3

Yesterday’s AMD RDNA 3 leak not only exposed three discrete Navi 30-series graphics processors based on the next-generation architecture but also revealed one integrated GPU. The integrated GPU will be used for an accelerated processing unit codenamed Phoenix, and this chip appears to pack quite a punch if unofficial information about it is correct.  AMD’s…

Made In Taiwan - NOW Magazine

Made In Taiwan – NOW Magazine

This exhibit is an opportunity for Torontonians to learn about all the wonders from Taiwan; from bicycles, performance auto parts, computer components to orchids and tea, this exhibit is going to be an eye-opener to visitors! May 6-8 at Studio 311, 9 Davies Avenue. tcatoronto.org According to Global Affairs Canada, Taiwan is Canada’s six-largest trading…