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Best Raspberry Pi Projects | Tom’s Hardware

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware) It’s already springtime and the community is blossoming with more Raspberry Pi projects than our basket can carry! We’ve got a lot of goodies to share with you this month including brain-powered projects and even more Raspberry Pi Pico creations. These projects use some of the best Raspberry Pi accessories we’ve…

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First Benchmark Result of Intel’s Core i9-11950H ‘Tiger Lake-H’ Emerge

The first benchmark results of Intel’s yet-to-be-announced eight-core Core i9-11950 ‘Tiger Lake-H’ processor for gaming notebooks have been published in Primate Labs’ Geekbench 5 database. The new unit expectedly beats Intel’s own quad-core Core i7-1185G7 CPU both in single and multi-thread workloads, but when it comes to comparison with other rivals, its results are not…

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Turkey Adds Crypto Trading to Anti-Money Laundering and Terror Funding Laws

Just weeks ago, almost anyone with $6,000 could establish a crypto trading platform, which led to the flooding of the cryptocurrency industry in the country with scammers and financially unreliable organizations. Now, Turkey wants to regulate cryptocurrency trading with anti-money laundering and terrorism funding rules.  Early on Saturday the president of Turkey published a decree…

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New Spectre Exploits Beat All Mitigations: Fixes to Severely Degrade Performance

Researchers from two universities have discovered several new variants of Spectre exploits that affect all modern processors from AMD and Intel with micro-op caches. Existing Spectre mitigations do not protect the CPUs against potential attacks that use these vulnerabilities. Meanwhile, researchers believe that mitigating these vulnerabilities will cause more significant performance penalties than the fixes…