Apple releases new AirTag firmware, but you might have to wait a month to get it

After Apple’s Scary Fast event, Apple is now releasing a new AirTag firmware for its item tracker device. According to developer and X user Aaron, Cupertino has released version 2A61. This is the first firmware update for the AirTag in almost a year, as the last time an update was made available was in December 2022.

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According to the developer, 1% of users will get this firmware today, while 10% will get it on 11/07, 25% on 11/14, and the full rollout is expected by 11/28. At this moment, it’s unclear what changes this firmware update brings to the AirTag. This version comes after Apple released iOS 17.1 to all users and during the beta testing of iOS 17.2.

With iOS 17, Apple finally let users share their AirTag location with family and friends through Find My, although this was an iOS-only update and didn’t require Apple to update the item tracker firmware.

To discover the current AirTag firmware version, you need to open the Find My app. From there, choose the Items tab, the accessory you want to check, and then click below the AirTag’s name. You’ll be able to see its serial number and the firmware version.

Although there’s no way to force an AirTag to update, you can leave it close to your iPhone while it’s on Wi-Fi and charging. A similar method is used to update the AirPods firmware.

Since Apple released its item tracker two years and a half ago, several reports showed people’s concern about privacy as the AirTag has been used to stalk people. The Cupertino firm has been updating the accessory to make it easier for people to discover an unwanted item tracker.

That said, it’s straightforward to turn off an AirTag, as you need to open its back and remove the battery.

If there are new features with the latest firmware version, BGR will report back.


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