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HP ZBook G8 Line Gets Tiger Lake-H

HP’s first laptops to use Intel’s 11th Gen Tiger Lake-H processors are its ZBook G8 line, which consists of four notebooks. There are two ZBook Fury laptops — one 15.6-inch and one 17.3-inch — along with the ZBook Power and ZBook Studio.  The ZBook Power is the entry-level workstation, going up to an Intel Core…

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Ayaneo Reveals AMD’s Wi-Fi 6E Module

Ayaneo announced Sunday that 2,000 units of its handheld gaming device would soon reach Indiegogo backers with a surprise inside: The new AMD RZ608 Wi-Fi 6E module that, before yesterday’s announcement, hadn’t even been revealed to the public. “The RZ608 announced today has never been revealed on the Internet,” Ayaneo CEO Arthur Zhang said in…